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Can Your Landlord Evict You For Being UnClean?

Can Your Landlord Evict You for Being UnClean?

Most states require tenants to keep the rental premises clean. For example, here in Florida, the Florida Residential Landlord and Tenant Act provides:

83.52   Tenant’s obligation to maintain dwelling unit.—The tenant at all times during the tenancy shall: (2)   Keep that part of the premises which he or she occupies and uses clean and sanitary.

Recently, in Melbourne Australia, a college student and his landlord went toe to toe on this issue. The landlord complained that the tenant was just too nasty.

The two fought bitterly. Indeed, the landlord told the college renter: “I f***ing told you the rules.” According to the college tenant, he crawled out of his bedroom window to avoid the landlord. Thereafter a bitter text message battle began between the pair.

In Florida, who do you think will win? Why?

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