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Many tenants lose the fight with their landlords.

In Florida, many, many tenants are evicted every day without notice to the tenant by the court because many tenants do not.

  • Understand the leases that they have signed;1
  • Understand how to make a landlord properly perform repairs;2
  • Understand what to do to get their security deposits back;3
  • Understand how to properly withhold rent;4
  • Understand how to properly terminate a lease or landlord/tenant relationship;5
  • Understand how to stop a landlord from illegally accessing the rental premises;6
  • Understand how to respond to an eviction complaint;7
  • Understand which arguments are effective in an eviction court proceeding;8

More often than not, Landlords win these disputes because LANDLORDS, generally, have lots of money, and, therefore, they are, generally, represented by attorneys. Tenants, on the other hand, do not have the thousands of dollars to hire an attorney.

However, tenants no longer have to suffer...

The Tenants Clinic unbundles legal services—allowing tenants to pay for only the services they need or that they can afford.

The use of the services of the Tenants Clinic will put your landlord on notice that you are either represented by an attorney—or being advised by an attorney—making the landlord think twice before attempting to evict you, failing to perform repairs that you have requested, keep the your security deposit, or refuse to agree to terminate your lease.

The use of the services of the Tenants Clinic makes it more likely that the Tenants Clinic may be able to represent you in any future lawsuit with your landlord on a contingency fee—which means little to no out of pocket money to you to be represented in Eviction Court.

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