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Eviction DIY With Assistance is the next best service to Eviction Full Representation that we offer. If you haven't already, you can also get more information about Full Representation here:  Full Representation.

We have designed DIY With Assistance Representation to significantly reduce the incidence of you getting evicted without a hearing or adequate notice from the court.  We do that by electronically filing your initial documents for you; and by alerting the court of your email address to send you court documents directly to your email address.  This level of representation also alleviates the additional stress of tenants driving down to the courthouse to attempt to file their responses to the eviction lawsuit.


After reviewing your documents and developing a customized strategy, we assist you with drafting customized documents and communications of your own in the background with DIY With Assistance.  We review your records, we may schedule a client conference, give you homework, advise you, develop your customized strategy, gather evidence, and then, we roll up our sleeves and start drafting your documents.  Moreover, once you approve the drafted documents, we file them directly with the court and set up the court records to email you all court documents.  Our filing of your initial court documents will keep you in control of your own case and reduce the incidence of surprises to you.

After we e-file your initial documents, you will have the option of contacting us again for a one on one 15-minute strategy session with a licensed attorney to answer your questions and guide you in the best direction for you (“Optional Follow-Up Strategy Session”).

Therefore, this Eviction DIY With Assistance Representation is for those tenants who don't mind communicating with the court, negotiating, or dealing directly with their landlord or the landlord's agent.

What if you get stuck after you have used the Optional Follow-Up Strategy Session?  What if you cannot figure something out?  That's perfectly fine; you'll have the option to schedule a priority conference with an attorney at a discounted rate.


Once you let us know that you're ready to proceed, we will send you an invoice and retainer.  Once the retainers are signed and payment has been collected, we move to the next stage.

Next, we send you an interview to complete and request your documents/evidence.  Upon receiving these items from you, we may schedule a client conference, give you homework, or start drafting your documents.  Then, we prepare documents for your review and approval.  Once approved, we file the documents with the court.


Are you interested in Eviction DIY With Assistance Representation? If you are ready to move forward—or if you have any questions about us or our process, email us at [email protected], text or call us at (407) 294-9959. Otherwise, we wish you good luck with your legal matter.

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