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What we do

Helping Florida tenants exercise their legal rights

It's not uncommon for tenants to encounter conflicts with their landlords. Often, without a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities, tenants can feel overwhelmed and unknowingly worsen the situation.

In many instances, landlords have the advantage in these disputes due to their greater financial resources, enabling them to afford legal representation. On the other hand, tenants often lack the financial means to hire an attorney, which puts them at a disadvantage.

At the Law Offices of Debi Rumph, we are dedicated to empowering tenants by offering a diverse selection of unbundled legal services. Through these services, tenants can confidently assert their legal rights and have their voices heard. Our mission is to level the playing field and enable tenants to exercise their rights in a cost-effective manner.

Who can benefit from our services?

Our unbundled legal services and products are specifically tailored for tenants who may find themselves in potential disputes with landlords and are seeking assistance in understanding and addressing the following situations:

  • Tenants who have struggled with landlords unjustly withholding their hard-earned security deposit money.
  • Tenants whose landlords have engaged in unfair practices such as lockouts, utility shut-offs, removal of doors, withholding of services, or unlawful seizure of their personal property.
  • Tenants living in unacceptable conditions due to landlords refusing to make necessary repairs or provide adequate pest control.
  • Tenants seeking strategic approaches to terminate their leases effectively.
  • Tenants facing unjust attempts by landlords to terminate their leases without valid reasons.
  • Tenants in need of a better understanding of their lease agreements or related documents.
  • Tenants requiring a customized strategy to empower them to take control of their relationship with their landlord.
  • Tenants in need of defense against eviction actions.
  • Tenants in need of unbundled legal services related to an eviction lawsuit.
  • Tenants dealing with payment disputes or who require clarification on their landlord's accounting of rental payments.
  • Commercial tenants who require assistance in gaining clarity to make informed decisions about their businesses.
  • Mobile home tenants who need guidance in understanding the complexities of mobile home tenant law.
  • Tenants experiencing noise disturbances from neighbors, conflicts with roommates, receiving foreclosure papers, dealing with the landlord's relationship with homeowner's associations, or facing unfair access issues by the landlord.

No matter the situation, our services aim to provide the necessary support and guidance to tenants facing these challenges.