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Tenant legal products

The easiest and most affordable way to exercise your tenant rights

Our tenant legal forms include documents for the most common landlord disputes. These range from repair issues to unlawful entry and illegal eviction attempts. Our self-serve legal document platform allows you to create customized documents without the unnecessary cost and time involved with hiring a legal professional.

Choose from any of our lawyer-approved tenant forms to get started. Then, just answer some basic questions about your situation. Once an attorney drafts and reviews the document, you're finished. Then, you can save, print and send the final document to your landlord.

Why do tenants need legal documents to enforce their rights?

Tenants and landlords enter into tenancy agreements with the best intentions. Unfortunately, disputes can arise over many different issues. As a tenant, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities.

In order to hold a landlord liable for failure to uphold duties under the lease, the tenant must give the required notice. If the tenant fails to give the required notice, the tenant can be held liable for remaining rent due, repair costs and other charges.

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