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Learning from a Google Review Alex P and Alan West: Embracing Feedback By Creating the Talk to the Attorney Option

Posted by Debi Rumph | Nov 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Our firm takes every review seriously, recognizing the opportunity to learn from our clients' perspectives.  Recently, we received feedback about our Customized Strategy Session (CSS), focusing on the perceived high cost and misunderstandings about the session's value.

Addressing the Emotional Issue and Expectations

We understand that some potential new clients were surprised by our upfront fees, especially given our history of low-cost and no-cost representation.  To bridge this gap, we've clarified our pricing structure, explaining which services require upfront payment.  For example, we put our low-cost services in the “Tenant's Clinic Corner” on our website, and we now have an intake process that alerts our potential new clients which services require upfront payment and which ones have no out-of-pocket options.  An example of this form can be viewed here:  [Short Interactive Form]

We empathize with the emotional responses this situation can evoke and are working on better communication to manage expectations.

Reframing the CSS: More Than Just a Conversation

The CSS is a comprehensive process where we gather extensive information, review documents, analyze communications with landlords, and define client goals.  Our team meticulously organizes over 150 pages of materials, allowing our attorneys to craft a tailored strategy.  Previously, we didn't offer a standalone “Talk to the Attorney” session, fearing potential risks associated with providing advice without document review.

Introducing the “Talk to the Attorney” Session!!!

However, in response to feedback, we've introduced the “Talk to the Attorney” session, a service focused solely on providing advice based on client-provided information.  While it comes with disclaimers and risks, we recognize that some clients prefer a more affordable option even with these caveats.  We appreciate the insight that not all clients necessarily demand an A+ service and are grateful for the feedback that led to this valuable addition.

To learn more about the TTTA session, please watch this short video:  Talk to the Attorney.

Expressing Gratitude for Feedback

We genuinely thank our clients for their feedback.  It has enabled us to refine our services, enhance communication, and offer more options tailored to diverse client needs.  Your input is invaluable in shaping our approach and ensuring we provide services that align with your expectations.

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